Anyone can Invest directly in Real Estate and not just REIT

SEC accepted rule changes for Title III of the JOBS Act that would open up non-accredited investors to directly invest in Real Estate.This decision effectively opens up a new asset class that's not correlated with the stock market, which in this volatile environment could be a good thing.

Guaranteed 5.5- 10% ROI on short term Investment Plan

Choose from Zean Real Estate Investment option

  • Risk-safe profit share Plan.
    Guaranteed - 5.5- 10% return on amount invested.
  • Risk-share lienPlan - You Own the Title.
    We shall help Identify, put an offer, Help Flip and Manage the Rentals.

WA Local Real-estate Investing Company

  • Ability to invest in residential (single & multifamily) houses and new development.
  • Ability to directly invest in commercial real estate.
  • Ability to have a secured return on investment.
  • Ability to wrap up securely and completely in a time frame.